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Take Care's Spooky Film List!

Our top picks for this October! Grab a blanket to hide behind and a giant bowl of popcorn and make your way through our nostalgic film recommendations! Whether you’re into a haunt or just to feel young again take care has the films for you, get your spooky season sorted with our top ten picks!

  • Coming in at number 10 we have Coraline (2009)! A Claymation masterpiece that we have to admit genuinely scared us as kids! What’s better than living in the sensitive subversive worlds of Tim burton whilst cosying up on these dark October nights.

  • Number 9 brings us all wholesome family values with the creepy and the kookie Addams Family (1991) . If this nostalgic film doesn’t remind you of trick or treating when you were little then nothing else will, put in your best Wednesday Addams plaits or grab your nearest wig and make a night of it! Dress up in your most spooky attire for our number 9 pick.

  • 8 gifts us a demonically possessed Megan Fox, drumroll please! Jennifer’s Body (2009). A comedy horror for those nights when you don’t want to be scared by your own shadow, claimed now as a cult feminist horror this film is certain to appease! Check out its fabulously haunting soundtrack also!

  • Don’t pick up the phone! Scream (1996) is our number 7 pick! Grab some shots and be sure to drink every time the telephone rings, we guarantee you won’t end up scared but rather very drunk. A fellow passer of the Bechdel test Scream is a time capsule of 90s easter eggs that will be sure to make you cringe if telephone conversations haven’t got you already.

  • Jinkies! Our number 6 pick is a firm favourite for those who love fumbling mysteries and amazing costumes. Scooby Doo Mystery Island (2002) is this creepy contender! Bringing us Daphne and Velma, need we say more. If you are a fan of such insanely bad CGI that it becomes frighteningly good, then this is the plot for you. The gang, back together and fighting voodoo forces that are harvesting souls what’s not to love.

  • Labyrinth (1986) is our number 5 pick! David Bowie as a lycra spangled goblin king in a mythical maze filled with Jim Henson’s muppet creations has got to be a Halloween dream. We are all treat to the banger that is magic dance and the wholesome tiny worm who knows the labyrinth like the back of his (metaphorical) hand! We suggest making our issue 5 bite me cocktail and dancing round the room to the wonderful soundtrack.

  • For number 4 we have Halloweentown (1998), where we learn about granny, a good witch living undercover. We follow her to Halloweentown where we must save all the citizens from dark forces. In a nutshell this all seems legit right? Tie it in to the awful but classic costumes and the fact that Debbie Reynolds is granny and you’ve got yourself a Disney cocktail of sweet and slightly traumatising.

  • A certified classic fill our number 3 spot, with the oh so terrorising Carrie (1976). A vengeful film where everything seems either very high school or very demonic and there is no in-between, Carrie goes from 0 to 100 real fast and at the end you really do question who you’re rooting for. We think it’s a great film to don your best silky nightie and question the forces of good and evil, why not eh.

  • Beetlejuice (1988) is our runner up, coming in at number 2 this film is sure to fill your October with ghoulish delight! Another Tim Burton classic featuring stylised film sets and incredible costumes Beetlejuice won’t let you down, just don’t say his name three times and you’ll be fine. Take Care recommends an arty night with this one, gather your friends and draw your favourite character we see in the Neitherworld waiting room! We would definitely go for shrunken head guy.

  • Our top pick for this Halloween is the ever charming Hocus Pocus (1993), if you’re after a classic then look no further! An iconic coven of witches singing I put a spell on you whilst seeking out their chance to become immortal provides us with a Halloween aesthetic for the ages! Organise a baking night and create your own tasty concoctions without the mischievous magic, spell book brownie anyone?

- Chloe Myers & Lizzie Jatwa

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