• Holly Stamp

The Sun's Asleep & I See The World

The sun’s asleep

and so am I

bodies intertwined amidst a lilac sky

we float amongst the icing sugar clouds

inhaling the fumes of celestial pleasure.

A hedonistic endeavour

of my body and yours.


I see the world

not through rose tinted lenses

Rather through peony sunglasses

geranium contact lenses

and snowdrop goggles.

My reality is framed through the smell

of the lavender

outside my best friend’s house

and the jasmine my mum grows the


I cover my body in flowers.

Skin turns to soil as plants bloom from my arms

and vines snake up my ribs.

I long to turn myself into a meadow.

If i could be kept

on a windowsill

the sun in my eyes

hydrated and in bloom

then maybe spring would never end.

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